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In- House Projects

For JazzNet Media Productions – Production Consultation

JazzNET Media offers Production Consultation for a full array of music production services for television, film, commercials and live music venues.  Editing, Mixing, Mastering  and Post Production.  Live recording using Logic, Pro Tools or Digital Performer.  Consultation on Composition and Lyrics. Instrumental And Vocal Contracting.

With our Partners we also provide;

Joe Gianono - Arranging & Orchestration.  Music Coping -Lead sheets, piano/vocal scores, full scores using Finale, Sibelius

Richard Mantel - CD Artwork, Graphic Design. 

Steve Pagan - Photography, Video and Website Design. 


Studio Gear

Guitars- 1969 Gibson L5, Takamine Nylon String Acoustic, Fender Strat, Yamaha Acoustic, Ibanez Electric Bass

Keys - Kurzweil PC88

Amps- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, 1974 Princeton Reverb, Fender Champion 600

Mac tower w/Logic , MOTU interface, quality mics and preamps, MAudio Monitors and multi headphone que mix.

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