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Piers Lawrence Quartet

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Soul Jazz Guitar in a classic format w/ Piano, Bass & Drums.  An innovative modern Jazz ensemble with roots in the great traditions of Soul Jazz, Bebop and the Blues.  New York based, world-class musicians, The Piers Lawrence Quartet, creates a hip, energetic, vibe! Exploring Standards from the Great American Songbook , Memorable Melodic Originals and Deep Ambient Improv, PLQ is the House Band for the sophisticated urban soundscape…

“A warm slice of straight-ahead jazz, guaranteed to please jazz critics and the discerning jazz audience alike.”
Edward Blanco,

Ambient Sessions

New collection Curated and Mastered by the Jedi Master!

(get the playlist sequenced & with track list)

Echos from pre-dawn, Studies of Love and Forgiveness, Darkness and Transcendence, a musical Lifeline for the Blues..  Where Downtown Manhattan meets International After Hours - Music of the beautiful moment.

Music for TV & Film

Got Slamming Video? Here’s your velvet cushion of depth and emotional resonance!  Piers Lawrence has provided music for IBM, Oracle, Amazon, Apple and multiple Independent Films.  We can contribute to every phase of your project, from initial meetings about the overall concept to the final edit.

In-House Projects and Consultation

Piers offers Production Consultation for a full array of music production services for television, film, commercials and live music venues.  Editing, Mixing, Mastering  and Post Production.  Live recording using Logic, Pro Tools or Digital Performer.  Consultation on Composition and Lyrics. Instrumental And Vocal Contracting.

With our Partners we also provide;

Joe Gianono - Arranging & Orchestration.  Music Coping -Lead sheets, piano/vocal scores, full scores using Finale, Sibelius

Steve Pagan - Photography, Video, Website Design, CD Artwork, Graphic Design. 


Studio Gear

Guitars- 1969 Gibson L5, Takamine Nylon String Acoustic, Fender Strat, Yamaha Acoustic, Ibanez Electric Bass

Keys - Kurzweil PC88

Amps- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, 1974 Princeton Reverb, Fender Champion 600

Mac tower w/Logic , MOTU interface, quality mics and preamps, M Audio Monitors and multi headphone que mix.

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